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'Westworld', a new HBO series premiered on 2nd October. You can call it an epic sci-fi drama. The series is about a park inhabited by humanoids where people roam around and indulge into the realm of fantasies they can't in the outside world but something viscous is bound to happen when a glitch triggers self-consciousness among the humanoids. 'Westworld' raises some profound questions. It's a complex and multi-layered story. By each episode it's getting more and more intense and there are numerous mysteries to unravel in the coming episodes.  The key people behind this are Jonathan Nolan and J.J Abrams. J.J. Abrams as you now is known for directing films like MI:4 and The Force Awakens, but very few know that Jonathan Nolan is the co-writer of Memento, The Dark Knight Trilogy and Interstellar. And the obvious doesn't need to be stated that he is the younger brother of ?? Yes Christopher Nolan. You can watch it on Hotstar or you now the other ways to watch it.

Monday, 10 October 2016


Source: Health Aim

I knocked the door. No response. I could hear the voices. I wanted them to stop.
I knocked harder.
A few counts on the clock and it opened.
Voices have stopped now.
The door was still hinged with the chain lock, I could only see those red eyes. It was like devil has came upon the man. He was tardy and fumbling.
"What?" He said. I sensed the peccable anger. He was fuming.
"I want some salt." I looked straight into his eyes.
"We don't have any" he replied and shut the door on my face. The voices had stopped,that's enough for me.
I came back to my room. There was a prickled sense of force that was raging me. I drank water and sat down on my study table.
"No,Daddy please,spare her" I heard the scream.
"Please Daddy,don't" the voice turned more brutal,more victimized.
"I'll kill this bitch!" a roar.
I pumped my fist on the table. I wanted to write but I couldn't. My heartbeat had reached a level of induced limit. I couldn't bear this any more.
I started to hear the slamming. The whipping sound of bashing on the flesh. The loud cries. I was crushing my soul. My anger supremely made a decision.
Enough is enough. I have to stop this sin.
I walked across the hallway and slammed the door with my full power. The cries stopped. I heard the shushing sound.
It took more than a minute, and door opened again.
"Don't you have manners" said the man who I wanted to drag to hell right now.
I don't know what came over me,I shoulder the door with all the power I had. Luckily the chain lock wasn't that strong. He fell on the floor and I walked in.
A woman was sitting on the sofa with her head down. A little girl was sitting beside her abruptly quite.
"What are you doing" the man screamed.
"You don't have to be afraid" I said looking at the women. She didn't moved. Didn't even looked up. The girl wanted to speak something but the woman tapped silently on her hand.
I was numb. Why isn't she resisting?
The man moved at me and grabbed I collar. He was sulking in alcohol. I tamed him and threw on the ground again.
"Why are you doing this, supporting a man who is treating you like animal" I forced this. I wanted them to just give me a hint.
Nothing just nothing. Maybe they were too afraid or she cared about him to that level.
I had no other option.
 I moved back. I had lost faith. My will to save them was thrashed by their weakness. I even saw the belt carelessly hidden under the shelf. The darkness of the deed was undermined by  void of resistance. I was sad and disappointed.
"Bhaiya" I heard the voice of the little girl.
"Bhaiya,daddy was beating mummy"
That was it. I looked with hope at the little girl. Her bravery today was going to save her mother.
 I thrashed a slap on man's face and dragged him toward bathroom. I closed the door as he was shouting and threatening to kill me.
Finally the woman looked up, her cheek was screaming the story of fingers. She had bruises all over her face. She hugged her daughter. Her timid body was shivering and she could grab the confidence to look into my eyes. I picked up the phone and was calling police.
"Bhaiya, please don't call the police." She finally spoke and I couldn't believe her word. She started crying. Her tears were telling the tale of abuse she had been in. I was surprised by her tenderness and bravery both at the same time.
" If we don't hand him over,he would do that again." I said.
"What can we do bhaiya,it's written in my destiny"
I was angry. But was having pity on her. She still wants to save him.
"Mummy,he'll beat you again" the little girl said.
She hugged her sobbing.
"Okay, I won't call, but please, whenever he does that again,please resist. I live across the hallway. Shout with all the force you have. The man like this don't deserve to live. If you are facing this abuse today silently, it'll only grow with time. Maybe it would transfer to your daughter someday. Do you want that?"
She didn't responded but I knew from her eyes.
After giving her first aid,I moved back to my room. My mind was still searching for questions. Why would someone go through such hell? Why wouldn't she want to punish him?
After 15 minutes I heard police sirens. They were sound of her bravery. She finally took initiative. She called police.
Now I was content. My effort wasn't waste. A new valor had born. Maybe her daughter invoked it. She wouldn't want this to effect her daughter.
I sat back on my study table.
 "Stop Domestic Violence", I started with the heading.

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I am running in the darkness at night where leaves were hitting my face, birds were chirping, moon is hiding behind the dark clouds. I knew something terrible is chasing me from behind. I don't want to turn around  and see what it is. I kept on running. Suddenly, I heard a voice calling my name. After 5min I heard the same voice calling my name again, this time it was louder. After a few minutes the pitch of the voice increased and I was more scared. Now, it's both, I'm been chased by a voice and some creature. The voice came close to me and whispered, "wake up my son, it's your convocation today." What? Convocation? I then, got a immediate slap on my butt and the voice shouted at me, to wake up. It's my mother and I've been dreaming 😁

I got ready in an hour and reached my college by 10am. I can see lots of people who came for the convocation, lots of gangs too. Yes, in college a person without a messy gang is a scenario you don't get to see much. Wait, I can pause the scene and explain u what's going on around. There is a gang who is laughing, on my right side. A gang of girls giggling just beside the other gang. A gang on my left are looking at the gates, maybe waiting for a friend. Lots of people are near the canteen and then there is my gang, standing near the buses. As every gang has there own spot in there college, we have a place to hang out near the buses😃. We all are done with our presentation session, photo session and everything by the time the clock strike two in the afternoon. Everyone started saying good bye to each other. Even I did the same. But, we used to meet everyday or once in two days or at least twice in a week.

The next day we all met in a coffee shop which is where we usually met. Everything was going quite normal, we were making fun of each other and then entered Vivek. As soon as he came and sat along with us Isha's smile faded. All of us knew that they are in a relationship since two and half years and Isha feeling low on seeing Vivek made me feel strange. I wanted to ask her, why are u so low after seeing him. But, a second thought came to my mind, did they breakup? Or had a fight? I don't know, it was very strange. I didn't want to spoil the fun and remained silent. Next day in the evening, my mother and I were walking to a nearby food mart. Suddenly, my eyes saw a strange thing, something really strange, Vivek was with another girl. Omg!! Then, immediately it strike me that, maybe this is the reason behind Isha's silence.

I wanted to know what's happening!! I called isha and asked her what happened between them. She didn't answer. She maintained the same silence. I thought to myself, fine, this won't work unless until  I meet her and talk to her. I immediately went to isha's home and sat in her room. She started crying and sobbing.

"Isha, wait, what happened dear? What made you to cry like this?" I asked.

She didn't respond. She was silently sobbing.

"Please stop crying and tell me or at least talk to me so that you'd feel better." I said.

"I don't know Madhav, I just want Vivek so badly." she said in a low voice.

I remember seeing him another girl and asked her,"Who is that girl Vivek is moving with right now?"

She looked at me with curiosity and asked,"Is she beautiful than me? Is she nicer than me?"

"Wtf!! what are you talking isha? What's the matter if she is beautiful or nicer than you?" I said.

"Madhav, he is seeing another girl. Her name is Vidya. He didn't even name the relationship between them. But, he is avoiding me ever since they met. Vidya is very jovial, she flirts with most of the guys but has never been in love and now, Vivek wants to be with that kind of girl."she said.

"How do u know that she flirts with most of the guys?", I asked.

"I enquired about her, she is one if my cousin's friend." she said.

"I didn't expect this from Vivek, you guys were a cute couple,  never expected such thing to happen between you and Vivek. I'm sorry dear", I said.

"Madhav, I still love him. I want him so badly. I don't mind even if he roams with Vidya. All I want is, to be with him and just him ra",she said.

*Awwww, you are so sweet Isha, how can he avoid you for another girl, damn",I thought to myself.

I consoled Isha and gave her the support she needed at that moment and left to my place.

Days passed on, and one day everyone were sitting in a coffee shop along with Isha. By that time everyone in our gang were aware of Vivek and Isha's issue. When everything is going fine, I saw Vivek entering the coffee shop. He just walked to us. As usually, we waved and some hi-five'ed' and all. May be he wanted to get things straight or I don't know, he immediately turned to Isha and said "I need to talk to u, Isha".

"Yeah, tell me. I'm listening." Isha responded."In personal" said Vivek.

"Well, I feel personal even when my friends are around." she said.

"Fine. Okay,'s...isshhh" he started murmuring.

"Yeah tell me Vivek, what's it?" she said.

"Okay, Isha I am really sorry for my behaviour towards you, I didn't give you a chance to understand things and let you go. And now, things are worse, I..... I need you back Isha. I want u so badly. I love you." he said.

I seriously don't know what's in Vivek's mind, he just said he loves Isha. This is insane man!

Isha interrupted Vivek, cleared her throat and said "I don't love you anymore" and smiled. She was crystal clear about her opinion.

But, can you tell me what made you come back to me and love me again?" Isha asked.

"Uhh, Vidya doesn't love me. Maybe she has already got someone or maybe she doesn't like me, I'm not sure of the reason but she said that I'm her best buddy and that she never had romantic feelings towards me." Vivek said in a low voice.

"Oh, so you came back to me to patch up?" Isha said.

"It's not that,'s just that, I miss you. I need you back in my life. I have done a mistake but now I realized. I don't want to miss you anymore. I promise in front of everybody that I'll never betray you again. I love you." Vivek said.

After listening to his dumb speech Isha got frustrated.

I'm done with you Vivek, I can't trust you anymore. Let's end this here" Isha said in a loud voice and started leaving.

I followed Isha to stop her. I stopped her outside the coffee shop and asked "Isha, you said you still love him, then why can't you forgive him and get back togetjer?"

"I love him, I still do. I care for him. But, I can't trust him again madhav. Where there is no trust, people can't live together", she said and left.

I understood Isha like never before. I felt happy for having her as a friend.

I went inside the shop and told Vivek that "man, things really keep haunting us, we are happy that you realised and came back for Isha. Well, forget it, let's be as usual again and hope you will get her back" and started cheering him up. TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS.

Hey guys, it's done over there, haha !! Hope Isha and Vivek get back their lost love again. Yeah, guys please don't betray loved ones because once you betray, you will  have to face some serious consequences, which is very painful. SAVE LOVE 😍.

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Yes, there is a 13th Zodiac sign or is there? Well you should decide after the answer.

Recently a NASA report (actually released in January, 2016) resurfaced about existence of a new constellation. So 13th Zodiac sign?

Astronomers don't agree with it. Its simple because, they follow science and astrology isn't science. Why?

If you consider this fact then you would have to name 88 sign,yes 88, because that's the exact number of constellation exist.

The 13th Zodiac sign is Ophiuchus and here's how it could be adjusted in existing calendar.

Capricorn: Jan. 20 – Feb. 16
Aquarius: Feb. 16 – March 11
Pisces: March 11 – April 18
Aries: April 18 – May 13
Taurus: May 13 – June 21
Gemini: June 21 – July 20
Cancer: July 20 – Aug. 10
Leo: Aug. 10 – Sept. 16
Virgo: Sept. 16 – Oct. 30
Libra: Oct. 30 – Nov. 23
Scorpio: Nov. 23 – Nov. 29
Ophiuchus: Nov. 29 – Dec. 17
Sagittarius: Dec. 17 – Jan. 20

So if you're an Ophiuchus now you're a Serpent Bearer.

According to Astrology books these are qualities of Ophiuchus:

House Ophiuchus represented Unity. Its people were spirited, magnetic, impulsive, clever, flamboyant, and at times jealous, power-hungry, and temperamental. At their hearts, they were healers who hoped to one day rid the Zodiac of every ill-disease, violence, etc-and bring everyone closer together.

  1. Ophiuchans had a natural affinity for snakes, and there was a special species of serpent, the Zawinder, with whom their House’s Zodai developed a psychic connection. Each Zodai would capture and adopt his own Zawinder, which they would then use to spread messages to others in the swamp.


If you are haunted by any kind of health related issues and you simply can’t seem to get away from them, try these super cool tips that are listed below. I would cut short all kind of unnecessary talk here and get straight to the point. Go ahead! Tag along!

1) Arthritis

If you are facing arthritis  problems, simply soak some golden brown raisins overnight. Eat at least 10-12  of these gin soaked raisins a day. The essential vitamins in these will help reduce swelling to quite a great extent.

2) Constant ear ache

When the ears become itchy, especially during some severe cold conditions, you can squeeze some lemon juice, dip those ear buds in it lightly and gently apply it inside your ear. Trust me, the magic works, since the pH balance in your ears is restored through this procedure.

3) Hair fall

If you happen to come across some nettle tea, simply buy it. It contains the essential silica which strengthens your hair tissues, although you might as well considering not overdosing yourself, to avoid potential kidney problems.

4) Menopause

Get hold of some yams. They lower your cholesterol levels and increase the circulation of hormones. Quite good for menopause conditions.

5) Bad Breath

Body odor is one thing and bad breath is a completely different thing. Instead of popping in some flavoury gums, try chewing some parsley. It will definitely help reduce the bad breath conditions.

6) Motion sickness

When you ever feel like things are about take a 360 turn in your stomach, due to the whole amount of nausea building up, get a lemon and simply inhale its odor. Helps a lot! You can even consume olives  for that purpose too!

7) Indigestion

Suffering from indigestion and a typically bloated belly just after dinner? Well, try consuming apricots for dessert. This will help you keep your pants buttoned after the meal!

8) Spider Bites

Potatoes are here for your rescue. They contain anti-inflammatory properties and prevent those typical itching conditions you might come across in case of spider bites.

9) Urine tract infections

Simply mix some amount of baking soda in water and drink it. The typical alkaline behavior of this mixture will help keep the bacteria at bay.

10)  Continued menstruation

Soak some dried dates and raisins in water and leave them overnight. Consume them on a regular basis to keep those periods periodic.

Feel free to comment below for any further queries.

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Source:the guardian

It was so quiet. Dim lights were blinking and creeks of the door can be heard from the streets. There was still a patch of night which hasn’t been covered by the sun, most of it. Chairs were thrown upside down on one corners. One constable was sleeping with his head bent on the side. A drunk man started murmuring something with his hands in the front as he was lying on the floor. His face was covered in dried blood. His legs were shaking as he tried to get up. But he couldn’t.
“I didn’t do..” he said in fainted voice.
He tried to hold up to the bars of the cell. Handcuffs on his hands clanged with the bar. It made a sound. Enough to shuffle the unsoundness. The constable woke up shaking his head and barely opening his eyes.
“ prick” the constable roared violently.
He tried again. This time he was able to get on his knees. He pulled everything in his throat to make it count and shouted.
“For god sake leave me...i didn’t do it” he cried and grabbed the bars tightly.
The constable woke up with anger. He pushed his chair back, cursing and walking towards the cell. He picked up his baton and clunked the cell. The bars made the vibrating sound, not in the pain. The man hadn’t made a sound because of the pain. Some of the baton caught his fingers.
“Haven’t I told you to shut up… just keep quiet…every criminal says that he didn’t do it...just don’t ruin my sleep.”  The constable blabbered.
The man in the cell has lost his power to say anything. He was exhausted. His body as well as his soul. What he didn’t do was the stealing. What he did do was to give back the purse to the lady.
PS: The lady was at the party. She forgot her purse at the bar. The waiter was going to return the purse when she came back and snatched it out of his hands. She realised that she had a ring in her purse which is missing. She reported it that it was stolen. And no questions asked, the poor man is the criminal. He always is. She did find the ring at her home but too shy to apologize.

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Trends come and go. These cuts last forever

What do the mullet, the ponytail and the bowl cut have in common? For a while, some men decided they looked good. And they were wrong even then.

What do the following five looks have in common? They are cool hairstyles for men, and they always will.

There comes a time in every man's life when he needs to keep things classic, particularly when it comes to his hair. Presenting the cuts that will never go out of style, with notes from the team at Ruffians Covent Gardens, on how to get them right.

The buzz cut is very low maintenance, but you do need to visit your barber regularly (every 3 or 4 weeks) for tidy-ups in order to keep the sharpness. It has been popularised by military revivals in both fashion and film.

What to ask for
This should be done with electric clippers. To make it a bit more interesting, rather than just one-grade all over, you can ask for a fade on the back and sides, or have one grade above on the top.

How to style it
Evidently not much styling needed here, but if you have a dry scalp it's good to use a moisturiser or hair oil on your skin to keep it conditioned. You can even use a matt clay to take away some of the fluffiness.

Who it suits
This is great if you have thinning hair – you can embrace a decent haircut now! Perhaps also grow some light stubble to compliment the look.

A look born in the early 50s when being smart and well presented was general protocol, the side-sweep is synonymous with rebellion. It's a low maintenance haircut that doesn't require much post-production.

What to ask for
Again, a completely scissored haircut, this time with plenty of texture and choppiness. It's not too short on the back and sides, but rests just above the ears. It's a loose and free haircut, intentionally looking low-maintenance.

How to style it
Add a paste into damp hair and use your fingers to scrunch dry for volume and texture. This will enhance the waviness and keep it looking tousled.

Who it suits
This is a good style for thicker, curly/wavy hair. It's not great for straight hair, as straight hair looks better with tight and neat styles.

This is a low maintenance cut which really makes the most out of a thick and full head of hair. It grows out nicely, and means you don't need to take too many tips to the barber.

What to ask for
This is completely scissor cut, heavy on top but also soft and textured. For best results, ask for it slightly shorter on the crown and keep much longer on the front, so sweeping it back doesn't create an unwanted bump.

How to style it
Apply a paste into damp hair and blow-dry in with a brush or hands for hold and volume. You can scrunch dry for more curls/waves. Finish with a salt spray or hair powder to set.

Who is suits
This is perfect for thick and voluminous, naturally wavy or curly hair.

This works particularly well for older gents and for guys who don't want to spend too much time on their hair. It can either be smart and smooth for work, or tousled and messy on the weekend.

What to ask for
The crop is fully scissor cut, and can feature a gradual taper on the back and sides to keep tight and close to the head. Texture remains on top.

How to style it
Add a clay for a matt look, as this will enhance the choppy texture. Rub into dry hair with your hands – no need to use a blow-dryer or a brush here.

Who it suits
Anyone with fine hair who wants to create thickness, or with short, thick hair who wants to remove weight. The crop is pretty versatile, as is an easy-to-style, low-maintenance haircut.

This cut has been sported by public figures, business moguls and Hollywood stars from the 1920s all the way through to present day; it can also suit young boys and older men, so is pretty versatile as well as being able to compliment most face shapes.

What to ask for
Scissored all over. It's essentially a classic short back and sides with an accentuated side parting. The top is longer and styled into a quiff.

How to style it
Apply a paste into wet hair and dry back with a wide tooth comb to achieve the line effects, and to smooth the areas on the back and sides. For a wet finish, apply an aqua-based pomade for shine and sleekness; for a matt look, add some more paste and set with hairspray.

Who it suits
This cut is good for most hair types, but works particularly well with finer hair. For curly hair you would need to apply much more product – maybe a heavier cream – which isn't ideal.


To be honest I am not fully qualified to answer this question as my major is in Mechanical Engineering. But I had done minor in ECE hence I would jot down some which were asked to me in Viva and some from my friend's suggestion.
  • What is difference between analog and digital signal?
  • Difference between electronics and electrical.
  • Difference between modulation and demodulation. Give examples.
  • Difference between AM and FM.
  • Explain CDMA, TDMA and FDMA.
  • Difference between CDMA and GSM.
  • What is frequency?
  • What is amplifier?
  • What is closed and open system? What is feedback?
  • What is Oscillator? What is Oscilloscope?
I recommend you to brush up simple definition of basic components. If you failed to answer these,it would automatically degrade you.
  • What us tracking radar? What is sonar?
  • What is impedance? Relationship between length of line and impedance.
  • What is bipolar transistor? How is it changed with thermal resistance.
  • What is Q factor?
  • What is thermocouple? Explain Seebeck effect.
  • Name different op-amp. Which one is a comparator.
  • What is quasi-stable state?
  • Draw oscillator waveform for resistor,capacitor and zener diode.
  • Draw SCR circuit. Explain practical application.
  • What is gain factor in control system?
  • Transfer function of feedback control system.
Advanced questions are rarely been asked. Try to drag interviewer’s attention toward your internships and projects. That way you'd be more prominent toward questions.
All the best!


Hair fall is the trending issue amongst all the women in the world. Due to tremendous demand for a definite solution to stop hair fall, I have come up with the best of methods you can deploy in your daily life and stop your strands from falling off. Here is what you can do.

1) Make use of right products.

Personally I would recommend using Pantene Hair Fall control Shampoo. I have used a lot more products before, but this particular one stood out the best. It incorporates essential nutrients and elements which stop premature hair fall and provide for greater volume in your hair.

2) Shampoo the right way

What I observed from your requests was that, most of you don’t shampoo the right way. Using a lot of shampoo does not guarantee a cleaner wash. It actually dries up your hair and often causes premature hair loss problems. So, make sure you use optimized quantity of shampoo in your shower.

3) Take essential vitamins

We ladies go through a lot of stress, in the office and at home. Dealing with such stress requires super human powers. Ultimately, we cannot compromise on your hair for this stress. Make sure to take enough vitamins to keep your beautiful locks strengthened for the day.

4) Silk pillows

Use good quality silk pillows. Not only will they stop hair fall, but also control your hair frizz problems. They are also well known to be gentle on your facial skin too.

5) Drink lots of water

Lack of water in the body can lead to acute hair loss problems. Make sure to grab a glass of water next time you experience hair loss.

6) Finger comb your hair

Do not comb your hair when wet. Trust me; the maximum hair fall occurs in that particular scenario. If your hair is really messed up, use your fingers to comb them out nicely and always start the process from bottom, to deal with tangled issues.


Dull skin can definitely create an unattractive look, which is the substantial worry point amongst all the females of the world. Blame it on pollution, the unhealthy lifestyle or simply the not so good ability to choose the right products for your skin, the ultimate result is , you are going to end up with a flawed skin and a rather dull look. Here is what you can do to bring up that extra glow back to your skin in easy steps.

1) Use a gentle facewash

Personally, I would suggest you to go for Ponds pure white deep cleansing facial foam with activated carbon. This has definitely benefitted me to quite a great extent and I believe it will for you too. Just in case you do not want to use this, go for the Ponds White beauty facewash. Either of them is totally good and serves your purpose to the utmost. Note: Wash your face daily twice with it.
You can get if from here: Pond's white beauty facewash

2) Use a moisturizer

Yes indeed! Moisturiser is needed at all times, to keep the skin healthy and revitalized. For this, you can make use of Vaseline Healthy white SPF 24+ lotion. Make sure you massage it gently on to your face with even circular motions. With regular use, you can notice gradual dullness fade and a brighter look on the whole.
                                        Vaseline healthy white moisturizer

3) Drink lots of water

Well, drinking whole lots of water can prove quite healthy for your skin. It eliminates any toxins from your body, giving your skin a healthy natural glow. Just so, make sure you are drinking clean and distilled water for that.

4) Sleep well

A continuous and undisturbed sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day is essential to keep that skin look healthy and glowing. Stress is often said to leave its negative effects on the skin, and a good long sleep is enough to relive you of any stress for the day.

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