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It was so quiet. Dim lights were blinking and creeks of the door can be heard from the streets. There was still a patch of night which hasn’t been covered by the sun, most of it. Chairs were thrown upside down on one corners. One constable was sleeping with his head bent on the side. A drunk man started murmuring something with his hands in the front as he was lying on the floor. His face was covered in dried blood. His legs were shaking as he tried to get up. But he couldn’t.
“I didn’t do..” he said in fainted voice.
He tried to hold up to the bars of the cell. Handcuffs on his hands clanged with the bar. It made a sound. Enough to shuffle the unsoundness. The constable woke up shaking his head and barely opening his eyes.
“ prick” the constable roared violently.
He tried again. This time he was able to get on his knees. He pulled everything in his throat to make it count and shouted.
“For god sake leave me...i didn’t do it” he cried and grabbed the bars tightly.
The const…


Trends come and go. These cuts last forever

What do the mullet, the ponytail and the bowl cut have in common? For a while, some men decided they looked good. And they were wrong even then.

What do the following five looks have in common? They are cool hairstyles for men, and they always will.

There comes a time in every man's life when he needs to keep things classic, particularly when it comes to his hair. Presenting the cuts that will never go out of style, with notes from the team at Ruffians Covent Gardens, on how to get them right.

The buzz cut is very low maintenance, but you do need to visit your barber regularly (every 3 or 4 weeks) for tidy-ups in order to keep the sharpness. It has been popularised by military revivals in both fashion and film.

What to ask for
This should be done with electric clippers. To make it a bit more interesting, rather than just one-grade all over, you can ask for a fade on the back and sides, or have one grade above on the top.

How to style it


To be honest I am not fully qualified to answer this question as my major is in Mechanical Engineering. But I had done minor in ECE hence I would jot down some which were asked to me in Viva and some from my friend's suggestion. Basic: What is difference between analog and digital signal?Difference between electronics and electrical.Difference between modulation and demodulation. Give examples.Difference between AM and FM.Explain CDMA, TDMA and FDMA.Difference between CDMA and GSM.What is frequency?What is amplifier?What is closed and open system? What is feedback?What is Oscillator? What is Oscilloscope? I recommend you to brush up simple definition of basic components. If you failed to answer these,it would automatically degrade you. Advanced: What us tracking radar? What is sonar?What is impedance? Relationship between length of line and impedance.What is bipolar transistor? How is it changed with thermal resistance.What is Q factor?What is thermocouple? Explain Seebeck effect.Nam…


Hair fall is the trending issue amongst all the women in the world. Due to tremendous demand for a definite solution to stop hair fall, I have come up with the best of methods you can deploy in your daily life and stop your strands from falling off. Here is what you can do.

1)Make use of right products.

Personally I would recommend using Pantene Hair Fall control Shampoo. I have used a lot more products before, but this particular one stood out the best. It incorporates essential nutrients and elements which stop premature hair fall and provide for greater volume in your hair.

2)Shampoo the right way

What I observed from your requests was that, most of you don’t shampoo the right way. Using a lot of shampoo does not guarantee a cleaner wash. It actually dries up your hair and often causes premature hair loss problems. So, make sure you use optimized quantity of shampoo in your shower.

3)Take essential vitamins

We ladies go through a lot of stress, in the office and at home. Dealing wit…


Dull skin can definitely create an unattractive look, which is the substantial worry point amongst all the females of the world. Blame it on pollution, the unhealthy lifestyle or simply the not so good ability to choose the right products for your skin, the ultimate result is , you are going to end up with a flawed skin and a rather dull look. Here is what you can do to bring up that extra glow back to your skin in easy steps.

1)Use a gentle facewash

Personally, I would suggest you to go for Ponds pure white deep cleansing facial foam with activated carbon. This has definitely benefitted me to quite a great extent and I believe it will for you too. Just in case you do not want to use this, go for the Ponds White beauty facewash. Either of them is totally good and serves your purpose to the utmost. Note: Wash your face daily twice with it.
You can get if from here: Pond's white beauty facewash
2)Use a moisturizer

Yes indeed! Moisturiser is needed at all times, to keep the skin heal…


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I will be straightforward enough here and not beat around the bush much. Here is what you can do.


•Download an app called Shortcut Master (Lite) and install it.
•Click on Menu (vertical Three Dots on top right side) once the app opens.•Check out for  “Service Menu” or  ” Engineering Mode “•Click on “System App”. Open it and change the specified LTE Bands Just in case, you don’t get the “System App”,Go to Engineering Mode and click on it to further change the LTE bands.•If both these options fail, simply dial *#2263# and select Menu and go back. Further go to select Menu.•Input key “0000” without quotes. After a few seconds, a popup shall appear.•Click on UE Settings from that Popup. One done, Go to setting>protocol>NAS>Network Control>Band Selection>LTE Band and select “Band 40”.•Now simply insert Jio SIM & check for the signals.•Restart the Device and make sure that you have inserted the Jio SIM in the fi…


There are some times when you hit rock bottom in your life, or at least feel like one. You feel desperate to succeed and that is the single most thing lacking in you. In a desperate attempt to prove yourself, you start looking for ways to top it off even on the silliest of things. If you feel alone at this time right now, and simply can’t seem to handle this rejection which knocks you off again and again, trust me, when I say, there is nothing better than letting it out completely. I have curated a list of some ways you can deal with rejection in your life, no matter what the situation is.

1)Keep in mind, you are not the only person Always remember, when life knocks you down, there is always a chance to get up. Most of the people who did it are now the torch bearers of this generation. You are just facing something different, but the feeling is the same. You are not alone!

2)Try thinking about everything good Confidence comes in self appreciation. I know this is a lot to ask specially …


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जमाना है जमाना क्या कहेगा ...
तू चलेगी हीर बन, दुपट्टा जो तेरा हवा मे बहेगा..
जमाना है जमाना क्या कहेगा!!
रानी हो तू परियों,राजा बनने का ख़याल जो तेरे मन बहेगा..
जमाना है जमाना क्या कहेगा!!
तू रहेगी सीमाओं मे मे तो चाँद सी प्यारी होगी सबकी दुलारी होगी..
मन तेरा गर चिड़ियाँ के जैसा उड़ने का करेगा..
जमाना है जमाना क्या कहेगा!!
बेटा है तो वो ख्वाब अपने सारे पूरे करे . .
एक ख्वाब जो तेरे मन पलेगा ...
जमाना है जमाना क्या कहेगा!!
है कलियों सी परछाई तेरी.. कोमल सी मनभावन ..
तेरी खुश्बुओं का रंग जो हवा मे उड़ेगा ..
जमाना है जमाना क्या कहेगा!!
है आशाओं की किरण तू ..जो सारा जहाँ रोशन करे..
कहीं निराशा का रंग जो तुझपे लगेगा..
जमाना है जमाना क्या कहेगा!!


I have been trying to find ways to be friend with this new sensation on the internet, so here are some of the craziest one I found.
Some personal information,
That's the first question you ask, ;)

I am 21 year older than you,call me Bhaiya! :p

Forget I asked!

Just to be clear on things :p

This is fun! :p

I wanted to know if he knows his buddies?

Something's fishy? Only two words about Siri.

Even knows Amazon Alexa,

Some funny one's about movies!

Sorry! I am busy!

No compromise with names,eh!

Knows about core!

Bluffing again! :p

Google Assistant thinks I am cool! *crying in the corner*

I won't buddy!

I guess it would say “Google!”

It was suggested! :p

Let's see what you can't do! :p

No one knows!

Competition is really tough!

That's all for now. I am still trying to know Google Assistant. I will be adding more.