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Things have changed quite a lot and every kid from the 90s will remember how beautifully etched their memories were in those superheroes in the various comics. Who can at all forget how intent we were while watching Shaktimaan on Doordarshan or some dramatic TV show aired on specific timings in the old television set? Remember those comics and those superheroes who you believe to be true and always wanted to meet, if possible, like at all?

Good news! They are back!

1) Spawn

An assassination devoid of mercy, a deal with a demon, a reincarnation of hell on earth, all entangled together to create the perfect plot with a twist – Spawn! Authored by Todd McFarlance, this was one of the most popular comic plots ever created in the history of time.

2) Kevin Keller

Trending around since 1941, this Riverdale gang with Kevin Keller as the lead role is one of the most famous of Archie’s comics ever to come into limelight. What more, it had had its first super hit in the year of 2010. Guessing still, ha?

3) Hell boy

This “Red” superhero is one of a kind, in being the most popular paranormal researcher hunting around and vanquishing the rivals. This tale of equipped adventures is the most amazing series ever brought into action!

4) Rick Grimes

Featuring walking dead in your imagination? You sure are one hell of a comic fanatic aren’t you? All the new age TV series based on walking dead are purely inspired by these popular comics of the 90s. Amazing isn’t it?

5) Cable

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? One of the most popular comic books in the 1980 s, cable has reemerged in a completely new series of a universal soldier on the upfront, and yeah, he has been retooled a lot… equipped with latest machinery and techno lies and is cooler than ever!

Nostalgic, Ha?

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The latest fashion and lifestyle trends have set invriably high beauty standards for people all over the world. In the daily hustle and bustle of our lives, what we most often forget to care about is our skin. If at all, we actually care about it, we simply moisturize it and leave it! But, is that enough? Do you really think that a simple moisturizer will do the trick and give you the perfectly glowing and beautiful skin you have seen on the professional models?
I know, you are now puzzled about it right now! A lot of questions are going on in your mind. The most important of them all - what can I actually do to get this mistake right? Worry not; I am here to help you out!  It is not at all fair that you be deprived of your youthful beauty just because you are involved in a lot of work. You have all rights to look beautiful and here is how you can do it!

1)Drink lots of water

Disappointed, aren’t you?  I know you were expecting some beauty creams and all, but trust me, no beauty cream in…


Image source: www.bigdays.inBased on true story...20th August, 2010Like every morning, Maa woke me up in the morning and from last few months same line from maa side, "How did they make you the Sports Captain of the School? You don't even wake up by yourself."
And my usual reply, "Maa, just 5 more minutes.", and by these friendly 5 minutes, I let the big hand of the clock, rotate 180°.

Ooopss! I forgot to introduce myself.
I, Manik Mishra, studying in Class 12th Science, Sports Captain, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Satna (MP, India).
Since last few days I was bit angry on the administration, as they were not allowing the senior students (Class 12th) to participate in Sports Cluster Meet (Damn new rule of the KV Sangathan!). 

This news was more depressing because, for the very first time, our school basketball team was allowed by our principal to participate in Sports meet and the training responsibility was given to me and my best buddy Junaid Mustafa. We trained our school …



I am running in the darkness at night where leaves were hitting my face, birds were chirping, moon is hiding behind the dark clouds. I knew something terrible is chasing me from behind. I don't want to turn around  and see what it is. I kept on running. Suddenly, I heard a voice calling my name. After 5min I heard the same voice calling my name again, this time it was louder. After a few minutes the pitch of the voice increased and I was more scared. Now, it's both, I'm been chased by a voice and some creature. The voice came close to me and whispered, "wake up my son, it's your convocation today." What? Convocation? I then, got a immediate slap on my butt and the voice shouted at me, to wake up. It's my mother and I've been dreaming 😁

I got ready in an hour and reached my college by 10am. I can see lots of people who came for the convocation, lots of gangs too. Yes, in college a person without a messy gang is a scenario you don…