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In the recent series of ban we also have an episode of the documentary on Nirbhaya. Nirbhaya gang rape was probably the most disgusted, shameful and unfortunate act of human. Everyone knows what happened at that night and there will be hardly anyone who doesn't about the fact like date, city, time and vehicle used. This is perhaps because we all were aghast and appalled by that incident. We all had pain and anger together.

So why everyone should see this documentary?

Here I am not promoting this documentary but it is worth watching for all of us mainly because of the two reasons.

Firstly this documentary is for all those orthodox people who are still surrounded by male chauvinism or having this kind of a persona. One can say why we should listen to the rapist? He is rapist and obviously his thoughts will be filthy and full of crap only but I think this is why everyone should listen to him so that if anyone having similar thoughts and feelings for the women then he should understand that his thinks like a rapist.

In the documentary only we got one defence lawyer who is supporting his client quite shamelessly and having no problem in portraying the women as an object.

Secondly we came to know about the Nirbhaya. The life of Nirbhaya was very inspiring, she was the girl with strong will power. Nirbhaya's dream to become a doctor, to have good life, to support her parents and to have a hospital in her village. Her dreams were dreams of a every normal student who want to achieve something in life.

It was very difficult for her parents to afford her medical fees but somehow they managed it and their daughter's dream was about to complete but such a painful and tragic end of this story leaves you in a pain as if it was  not only her dream that was broken but also your dream dented somewhere.

The Mirror Image

There is always a two sides of a coin and this tale too has it's own flip version which led to it's banning. Although this documentary is well made and requires a lot of research but the way it presented is questionable. This documentary is  made by BBC and no one can deny the fact that BBC has commercialized it's release. It's release date, the way it organised a premier in US as if it is some Hollywood movie and authenticity of a content as their are charges that BBC give money to the main convicted and the way it takes the interview in jail.

Beside this BBC also tarnish India's image at the global level. Every country has problem but you got no right to blame the whole country, place or community for any mis-happening conducted by the individual. It is like Aajtak or Times Now is making the documentary on racism in US. My point is, not every Indian is a rapist. It is very difficult and took a long time to make an impression but it takes very few moment to break it. BBC itself hide the news of child abuse case against his senior most news anchor. If you are playing game then rules should be same for all.

Recently one student does not approved for internship programme in German University due to India's image. After documentary the tourism will also get affected directly causing effect on our economy. If this documentary was made for Indians and by the Indians perhaps it will be more productive.

But in this chaos we must not forget the fearless and bravest

India's Daughter Nirbhaya 

बहुत निर्भय थी वो निर्भया 
हस्ती खेलती बहुत परिश्रमी थी वो  निर्भया
अपने मात-पिता का आश्रय थी वो निर्भया 
आत्मबल और साहस का परिचय थी वो निर्भया 
आखिरी साँस तक जिसने संघर्ष किया वो थी निर्भया
मीठे स्वप्न सी एक परी थी वो निर्भया 
पर हक़ीक़त में हैवानों से लड़ी थी वो निर्भया 
 अपनी आहुति देकर नए संग्राम की ज्योति जगा गयी वो निर्भया 
अपनी आबरू की हिफाज़त करते करते शहीद हो गयी वो निर्भया
एक चेतना देकर खुद मौन हो गयी वो निर्भया
समाज में एक विचार बन गयी वो निर्भया 
ये ही दुआ है कि निर्भय हो सब बेटियाँ पर हो ना अब कोई निर्भया
बहुत निर्भय हो कर लड़ी थी वो निर्भया 
बहुत निर्भय थी वो निर्भया

Guest Post by  Anchit Mittal

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