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Based on true story...

20th August, 2010

Like every morning, Maa woke me up in the morning and from last few months same line from maa side, "How did they make you the Sports Captain of the School? You don't even wake up by yourself."
And my usual reply, "Maa, just 5 more minutes.", and by these friendly 5 minutes, I let the big hand of the clock, rotate 180°.

Ooopss! I forgot to introduce myself.

I, Manik Mishra, studying in Class 12th Science, Sports Captain, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Satna (MP, India).

Since last few days I was bit angry on the administration, as they were not allowing the senior students (Class 12th) to participate in Sports Cluster Meet (Damn new rule of the KV Sangathan!). 

This news was more depressing because, for the very first time, our school basketball team was allowed by our principal to participate in Sports meet and the training responsibility was given to me and my best buddy Junaid Mustafa. We trained our school team for around 3 months, but 1 week before the meet, the news about the latest rule was quite unacceptable.

But, as I always follow a quote stated by Mr. Amitabh Bacchan,

"जो आपकी इच्छा है, वो हुआ तो अच्छा है। जो आपकी इच्छा ना हो, वो हुआ तो और भी अच्छा है, क्योंकि वो भगवान् की इच्छा है।",

I knew something better will happen.

And, it happened. The "better" happened when I saw her for the very first time. I was coming from physics lab, physics practical period it was. Pathak sir (Physics Teacher) left us 10 minutes before the bell. So, while going to our respective classes, I came across her. I saw her in front of Principal Office. Those eyes, those lips and her hairs, I simply fell in love with her. And from that very moment my complaints to the school authority changed to thankfulness. "But, wait, who is she? A girl in short and T-shirt? And why did she wear civil dress during school hours? Oh! i got it.", a thought struck my mind.

Yes, my school was hosting the KV Cluster Meet for TABLE TENNIS and she came to my school to participate in the same. And, just because of the KV's new rule, I saw her. I saw her, as the basketball team left 2 days ago and I was not allowed to go with them :).

Oh shit! the school bell rang. Yes, the time was 1:40 PM, the time to go home. Now, the question was, How to approach her? Because I was a bit shy in nature in these types of activities. 

To be continued...

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