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Placement. A word exciting enough to get into nerves of college student. A long panoramic dream to land that job from the college cell, to ensure a bright future. But it won't do good if you aren't prepared. The most common mistake students do is, to assume placement are part of their curriculum. Trust me, it's NOT.

Placement are an entirely different perspective of education. It's only a part of what you read in those college years, that'll be of use. To be precise, its 50% your knowledge, and 50% placement preparation. Still aren't convinced. Well at the end of this article you will be.

Why you need a separate preparation?

Let's assume you have been very good at running. An athlete of sort. You have cleared 100m, 200m and all other important races. Now you want to participate for a football match (Weird! Why would you?). Because it involves running, that you have been doing all along. But mistake not my dear, it involves a lot more than running. Kicking a ball is major key. Sprinting. Tackling. So many skills you need. (What's the catch?)
The point is your studies are your learning ability, and to land a job is similar to win that football match. So running simply won't do good. So learn new skills. Understand what placement want. But how?

Placement Procedure

To be frank, each company has its own need. And accordingly they set parameters for placements. But still there's a common base. Every placement flow comprises of these rounds (minimum):
  • Aptitude Tests
  • Psychometric Tests
  • Technical Tests
  • Technical Interview
  • HR Interview

I'll be dealing with Aptitude Tests.

Aptitude Test: What is it?

It’s a moderate level test to judge your Quantitative and Reasoning skills with fluent Verbal knowledge.
These tests are divided into three sections and I'll be explaining each one explicitly.

  • Quantitative Analysis: Commonly known as Quants. A measure of your basics (upto High School) mathematics and calculation.

  • Reasoning and Data Interpretation: Covers your knowledge of basic reason. Like to understand a missing number in a series or to decode a simple snippet.

  • Verbal Communication: Your fluency and knowledge of English language. Its accuracy of tenses and of course vocabulary.

So now that you know what you should prepare let's ponder some mistakes students do, and how you can avoid them.

Mistakes you need to avoid:

  • Read the question carefully: There's a reason this point is at the top of list. It's all there. Try to give all time the question needs to read.

  • Cram formulas: Simply knowing formula's won't help. Try using tricks.

  • Stick to an approach: If you ponder a question during practice, it doesn't mean you should tick the option blindly. It might have a different approach.

  • Don't read the Dictionary: Reading dictionary isn't going to increase your vocab. Instead focus on newspapers, magazines, novels in English.

  • Don't forget the “None of these” : It's very important point. Students waste their time to ponder over the question that it has something wrong. And of course this point is a twin side blade. (Why?)

  • Fill OMR carefully: Most students forget that they have an OMR to take care of, and other just waste too much time to fill it. My suggestion fill it while doing the question.

  • Time is the key: Remember if you can't beat a person in knowledge of aptitude you can with time. If you are not accurate, try to be “fast accurate”.

I think that's all you would need. Other than this your self-preparation and confidence will be in abundance.

Aptitudes are not just for your placements. But for each exam you face in future it'll help. Our mighty CAT is based on this (on whole another level).

I can't conclude this post without suggesting you a book. So my choice is R.S Agarwal: Aptitude Test. Give it a try, I am sure it will help. Now the best I could do,

All the Best!

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