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Trends come and go. These cuts last forever

What do the mullet, the ponytail and the bowl cut have in common? For a while, some men decided they looked good. And they were wrong even then.

What do the following five looks have in common? They are cool hairstyles for men, and they always will.

There comes a time in every man's life when he needs to keep things classic, particularly when it comes to his hair. Presenting the cuts that will never go out of style, with notes from the team at Ruffians Covent Gardens, on how to get them right.

The buzz cut is very low maintenance, but you do need to visit your barber regularly (every 3 or 4 weeks) for tidy-ups in order to keep the sharpness. It has been popularised by military revivals in both fashion and film.

What to ask for
This should be done with electric clippers. To make it a bit more interesting, rather than just one-grade all over, you can ask for a fade on the back and sides, or have one grade above on the top.

How to style it
Evidently not much styling needed here, but if you have a dry scalp it's good to use a moisturiser or hair oil on your skin to keep it conditioned. You can even use a matt clay to take away some of the fluffiness.

Who it suits
This is great if you have thinning hair – you can embrace a decent haircut now! Perhaps also grow some light stubble to compliment the look.

A look born in the early 50s when being smart and well presented was general protocol, the side-sweep is synonymous with rebellion. It's a low maintenance haircut that doesn't require much post-production.

What to ask for
Again, a completely scissored haircut, this time with plenty of texture and choppiness. It's not too short on the back and sides, but rests just above the ears. It's a loose and free haircut, intentionally looking low-maintenance.

How to style it
Add a paste into damp hair and use your fingers to scrunch dry for volume and texture. This will enhance the waviness and keep it looking tousled.

Who it suits
This is a good style for thicker, curly/wavy hair. It's not great for straight hair, as straight hair looks better with tight and neat styles.

This is a low maintenance cut which really makes the most out of a thick and full head of hair. It grows out nicely, and means you don't need to take too many tips to the barber.

What to ask for
This is completely scissor cut, heavy on top but also soft and textured. For best results, ask for it slightly shorter on the crown and keep much longer on the front, so sweeping it back doesn't create an unwanted bump.

How to style it
Apply a paste into damp hair and blow-dry in with a brush or hands for hold and volume. You can scrunch dry for more curls/waves. Finish with a salt spray or hair powder to set.

Who is suits
This is perfect for thick and voluminous, naturally wavy or curly hair.

This works particularly well for older gents and for guys who don't want to spend too much time on their hair. It can either be smart and smooth for work, or tousled and messy on the weekend.

What to ask for
The crop is fully scissor cut, and can feature a gradual taper on the back and sides to keep tight and close to the head. Texture remains on top.

How to style it
Add a clay for a matt look, as this will enhance the choppy texture. Rub into dry hair with your hands – no need to use a blow-dryer or a brush here.

Who it suits
Anyone with fine hair who wants to create thickness, or with short, thick hair who wants to remove weight. The crop is pretty versatile, as is an easy-to-style, low-maintenance haircut.

This cut has been sported by public figures, business moguls and Hollywood stars from the 1920s all the way through to present day; it can also suit young boys and older men, so is pretty versatile as well as being able to compliment most face shapes.

What to ask for
Scissored all over. It's essentially a classic short back and sides with an accentuated side parting. The top is longer and styled into a quiff.

How to style it
Apply a paste into wet hair and dry back with a wide tooth comb to achieve the line effects, and to smooth the areas on the back and sides. For a wet finish, apply an aqua-based pomade for shine and sleekness; for a matt look, add some more paste and set with hairspray.

Who it suits
This cut is good for most hair types, but works particularly well with finer hair. For curly hair you would need to apply much more product – maybe a heavier cream – which isn't ideal.

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