Thursday, 29 September 2016


Hair fall is the trending issue amongst all the women in the world. Due to tremendous demand for a definite solution to stop hair fall, I have come up with the best of methods you can deploy in your daily life and stop your strands from falling off. Here is what you can do.

1) Make use of right products.

Personally I would recommend using Pantene Hair Fall control Shampoo. I have used a lot more products before, but this particular one stood out the best. It incorporates essential nutrients and elements which stop premature hair fall and provide for greater volume in your hair.

2) Shampoo the right way

What I observed from your requests was that, most of you don’t shampoo the right way. Using a lot of shampoo does not guarantee a cleaner wash. It actually dries up your hair and often causes premature hair loss problems. So, make sure you use optimized quantity of shampoo in your shower.

3) Take essential vitamins

We ladies go through a lot of stress, in the office and at home. Dealing with such stress requires super human powers. Ultimately, we cannot compromise on your hair for this stress. Make sure to take enough vitamins to keep your beautiful locks strengthened for the day.

4) Silk pillows

Use good quality silk pillows. Not only will they stop hair fall, but also control your hair frizz problems. They are also well known to be gentle on your facial skin too.

5) Drink lots of water

Lack of water in the body can lead to acute hair loss problems. Make sure to grab a glass of water next time you experience hair loss.

6) Finger comb your hair

Do not comb your hair when wet. Trust me; the maximum hair fall occurs in that particular scenario. If your hair is really messed up, use your fingers to comb them out nicely and always start the process from bottom, to deal with tangled issues.

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