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The post is a little unorthodox. Maybe it changes plots and could be a bit confusing,but I assure you give it time,it gets better.

I have a theory about your existence. It's quite complex, and maybe similar to something you might have heard. I took a minute my self to understand it, and tried my best to explain what actually goes through my mind.

What if everything what goes around us? Simplifying, what goes around me is "for me" only.

Specifically I am the centre point. That's why I can't see me (not talking about your hands and other body parts,it's already in the programming). I can't see myself but the whole world. I know that I and my fellow existing humans have two hands, two legs and all that you already know, but what if it's not like that. It's planned for me only.

Let's make it easier to understand with an example.

Me and my friend are kept in two different to from start of our existence. The things around me, in my room are all in orange color while for my friend everything is blue. We are kept there for quite a long time to totally register the surrounding. Now after certain point of time each of us individually asked how many colors there are? While on the one hand I'll be obsessed about existence of "orange" only,my fellow friend will poke only "blue".

So what have we done here. We made sure that either of us is untouched by the surrounding and programmed in such a way that our room becomes our reality.

What I have explained above is the inner perspective. Its opinion of an individual in perception to only stimulus it received (color). It's harder in this way too. So now I'll take another example considering the fantasy. I personally believe fantasy is much easier to understand. It'll also portray the outer perspective, different than individual.

There is a huge monster who boxes up different creatures. He needs these creatures to be ready for " something". So he plants hatching tricks for every creature. The trick is "life". Every creature has its own world, own challenges, but still a set ending. Whatever the creature does to deviate from the path, it comes back to one "destined" (eventually to achieve target). When the creatures gets to that point,it's ready to be hatched. At the end,sleeps over, creature was successful and overcame every possible threat.

Sounds crazy,right? It is. But I have certain set of conditioned examples to prove it. Of course I can't give you any validity, because all in all what I am explaining comes in the box too. So here's why I believe it to be true:

Randomness: Everything seems so random like there is nothing that exists sequentially. One day you have things under control, others you have lost it. I know it's fun this way, but theoretically it hasn't got any explanation. It seems like there's an outer control.

Control Factors: According to Physics, there is nothing like free flow. For every process that exists, there are control variables, control factors. But in life let's look our control factors. Love, determination, honesty etc. These are already vulnerable in themselves and these are trusted as our lifeguards through life.

No Deviation: In the above mentioned reason, the factors are told to be hold. We are always advised and encouraged to endure these asymptotic "feelings" to rely upon. And even if we deviates we are overthrow by "values" and "responsibility" to be on the same path again. And also you need to "believe" in the game.

Don't take me wrong I am no rebel. But I just find it intrusive to live in an unorthodox paradox. The point of you being a centre of world is fascinating, but all in all it makes you alone.

Hope you liked a different perspective. If you don't agree then consider it a buff. But if you do,please comment on how you think you exist.


Wait for my next post on Reality, Imagination and Brain!

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