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Have you ever gone through those nights when you were having a dream and you suddenly woke up, all perspiring and fatigued? Have you ever felt that unrealistic difference fade away, wherein the reality and the dream merges together? Don’t panic! Here is everything that you have been asking questions about!

1) The difference fades away!

If you are wondering whether you are dreaming or it is happening in real, no more asking someone to pinch you out. Simply try reading or look at some verses wherever you can find. If you can’t read them, probably you are dreaming! So, no spookier haunting and no more awaiting those dreams turn into reality.

2) Dream drugs? Sure they are!

If you happen to come across anyone mentioning about a dream drug, remember this is a hallucinogenic drug called Dimethytryptamine. It causes a lot of hallucinations, convincing your mind to turn to dreams, anywhere,
,anytime, anyhow! I know what you are thinking about, but still, stop trying!

3) Can’t remember what you dreamt of?

If you find yourself having dreamt of a particular something but cannot recall it in any way possible, chances are that you might just have completed that particular dream sequence. Only those dreams which you leave incomplete are the ones that you actually remember! Gotcha!


4) Innovation in dreaming? Totally possible!

Some of the remarkable invention in history has taken place because apparently these appeared in the particular person’s dreams. Remember the periodic table? Well, it was conceived in a dream sequence! Not fair, isn’t it?

5) Sleepwalking – a possible danger!

There have been instances of people doing such wonderful things when they, yes of course, dreaming. Nurse Lee Hadwin, painted exquisitely beautiful portraits when sleepwalking in her dream, and she never remembered those later. However, as good as this sounds, it may turn out a nightmare too, guessing for once a woman drove around 20 miles in her sleepwalking stage, just to end up killing her cousin!

6) Coincidences? Can happen!

Have you ever felt that you have gone through a particular situation before and it is happening once again? All the more, people are said to have had dreams way before those things actually happened in reality. Consider for instance, some of the victims of 9/11 had a prior dream about such thing happening!

Happy Dreaming!

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