Sunday, 2 October 2016


If you are haunted by any kind of health related issues and you simply can’t seem to get away from them, try these super cool tips that are listed below. I would cut short all kind of unnecessary talk here and get straight to the point. Go ahead! Tag along!

1) Arthritis

If you are facing arthritis  problems, simply soak some golden brown raisins overnight. Eat at least 10-12  of these gin soaked raisins a day. The essential vitamins in these will help reduce swelling to quite a great extent.

2) Constant ear ache

When the ears become itchy, especially during some severe cold conditions, you can squeeze some lemon juice, dip those ear buds in it lightly and gently apply it inside your ear. Trust me, the magic works, since the pH balance in your ears is restored through this procedure.

3) Hair fall

If you happen to come across some nettle tea, simply buy it. It contains the essential silica which strengthens your hair tissues, although you might as well considering not overdosing yourself, to avoid potential kidney problems.

4) Menopause

Get hold of some yams. They lower your cholesterol levels and increase the circulation of hormones. Quite good for menopause conditions.

5) Bad Breath

Body odor is one thing and bad breath is a completely different thing. Instead of popping in some flavoury gums, try chewing some parsley. It will definitely help reduce the bad breath conditions.

6) Motion sickness

When you ever feel like things are about take a 360 turn in your stomach, due to the whole amount of nausea building up, get a lemon and simply inhale its odor. Helps a lot! You can even consume olives  for that purpose too!

7) Indigestion

Suffering from indigestion and a typically bloated belly just after dinner? Well, try consuming apricots for dessert. This will help you keep your pants buttoned after the meal!

8) Spider Bites

Potatoes are here for your rescue. They contain anti-inflammatory properties and prevent those typical itching conditions you might come across in case of spider bites.

9) Urine tract infections

Simply mix some amount of baking soda in water and drink it. The typical alkaline behavior of this mixture will help keep the bacteria at bay.

10)  Continued menstruation

Soak some dried dates and raisins in water and leave them overnight. Consume them on a regular basis to keep those periods periodic.

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