Monday, 10 October 2016


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I knocked the door. No response. I could hear the voices. I wanted them to stop.
I knocked harder.
A few counts on the clock and it opened.
Voices have stopped now.
The door was still hinged with the chain lock, I could only see those red eyes. It was like devil has came upon the man. He was tardy and fumbling.
"What?" He said. I sensed the peccable anger. He was fuming.
"I want some salt." I looked straight into his eyes.
"We don't have any" he replied and shut the door on my face. The voices had stopped,that's enough for me.
I came back to my room. There was a prickled sense of force that was raging me. I drank water and sat down on my study table.
"No,Daddy please,spare her" I heard the scream.
"Please Daddy,don't" the voice turned more brutal,more victimized.
"I'll kill this bitch!" a roar.
I pumped my fist on the table. I wanted to write but I couldn't. My heartbeat had reached a level of induced limit. I couldn't bear this any more.
I started to hear the slamming. The whipping sound of bashing on the flesh. The loud cries. I was crushing my soul. My anger supremely made a decision.
Enough is enough. I have to stop this sin.
I walked across the hallway and slammed the door with my full power. The cries stopped. I heard the shushing sound.
It took more than a minute, and door opened again.
"Don't you have manners" said the man who I wanted to drag to hell right now.
I don't know what came over me,I shoulder the door with all the power I had. Luckily the chain lock wasn't that strong. He fell on the floor and I walked in.
A woman was sitting on the sofa with her head down. A little girl was sitting beside her abruptly quite.
"What are you doing" the man screamed.
"You don't have to be afraid" I said looking at the women. She didn't moved. Didn't even looked up. The girl wanted to speak something but the woman tapped silently on her hand.
I was numb. Why isn't she resisting?
The man moved at me and grabbed I collar. He was sulking in alcohol. I tamed him and threw on the ground again.
"Why are you doing this, supporting a man who is treating you like animal" I forced this. I wanted them to just give me a hint.
Nothing just nothing. Maybe they were too afraid or she cared about him to that level.
I had no other option.
 I moved back. I had lost faith. My will to save them was thrashed by their weakness. I even saw the belt carelessly hidden under the shelf. The darkness of the deed was undermined by  void of resistance. I was sad and disappointed.
"Bhaiya" I heard the voice of the little girl.
"Bhaiya,daddy was beating mummy"
That was it. I looked with hope at the little girl. Her bravery today was going to save her mother.
 I thrashed a slap on man's face and dragged him toward bathroom. I closed the door as he was shouting and threatening to kill me.
Finally the woman looked up, her cheek was screaming the story of fingers. She had bruises all over her face. She hugged her daughter. Her timid body was shivering and she could grab the confidence to look into my eyes. I picked up the phone and was calling police.
"Bhaiya, please don't call the police." She finally spoke and I couldn't believe her word. She started crying. Her tears were telling the tale of abuse she had been in. I was surprised by her tenderness and bravery both at the same time.
" If we don't hand him over,he would do that again." I said.
"What can we do bhaiya,it's written in my destiny"
I was angry. But was having pity on her. She still wants to save him.
"Mummy,he'll beat you again" the little girl said.
She hugged her sobbing.
"Okay, I won't call, but please, whenever he does that again,please resist. I live across the hallway. Shout with all the force you have. The man like this don't deserve to live. If you are facing this abuse today silently, it'll only grow with time. Maybe it would transfer to your daughter someday. Do you want that?"
She didn't responded but I knew from her eyes.
After giving her first aid,I moved back to my room. My mind was still searching for questions. Why would someone go through such hell? Why wouldn't she want to punish him?
After 15 minutes I heard police sirens. They were sound of her bravery. She finally took initiative. She called police.
Now I was content. My effort wasn't waste. A new valor had born. Maybe her daughter invoked it. She wouldn't want this to effect her daughter.
I sat back on my study table.
 "Stop Domestic Violence", I started with the heading.

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