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I am running in the darkness at night where leaves were hitting my face, birds were chirping, moon is hiding behind the dark clouds. I knew something terrible is chasing me from behind. I don't want to turn around  and see what it is. I kept on running. Suddenly, I heard a voice calling my name. After 5min I heard the same voice calling my name again, this time it was louder. After a few minutes the pitch of the voice increased and I was more scared. Now, it's both, I'm been chased by a voice and some creature. The voice came close to me and whispered, "wake up my son, it's your convocation today." What? Convocation? I then, got a immediate slap on my butt and the voice shouted at me, to wake up. It's my mother and I've been dreaming 😁

I got ready in an hour and reached my college by 10am. I can see lots of people who came for the convocation, lots of gangs too. Yes, in college a person without a messy gang is a scenario you don't get to see much. Wait, I can pause the scene and explain u what's going on around. There is a gang who is laughing, on my right side. A gang of girls giggling just beside the other gang. A gang on my left are looking at the gates, maybe waiting for a friend. Lots of people are near the canteen and then there is my gang, standing near the buses. As every gang has there own spot in there college, we have a place to hang out near the buses😃. We all are done with our presentation session, photo session and everything by the time the clock strike two in the afternoon. Everyone started saying good bye to each other. Even I did the same. But, we used to meet everyday or once in two days or at least twice in a week.

The next day we all met in a coffee shop which is where we usually met. Everything was going quite normal, we were making fun of each other and then entered Vivek. As soon as he came and sat along with us Isha's smile faded. All of us knew that they are in a relationship since two and half years and Isha feeling low on seeing Vivek made me feel strange. I wanted to ask her, why are u so low after seeing him. But, a second thought came to my mind, did they breakup? Or had a fight? I don't know, it was very strange. I didn't want to spoil the fun and remained silent. Next day in the evening, my mother and I were walking to a nearby food mart. Suddenly, my eyes saw a strange thing, something really strange, Vivek was with another girl. Omg!! Then, immediately it strike me that, maybe this is the reason behind Isha's silence.

I wanted to know what's happening!! I called isha and asked her what happened between them. She didn't answer. She maintained the same silence. I thought to myself, fine, this won't work unless until  I meet her and talk to her. I immediately went to isha's home and sat in her room. She started crying and sobbing.

"Isha, wait, what happened dear? What made you to cry like this?" I asked.

She didn't respond. She was silently sobbing.

"Please stop crying and tell me or at least talk to me so that you'd feel better." I said.

"I don't know Madhav, I just want Vivek so badly." she said in a low voice.

I remember seeing him another girl and asked her,"Who is that girl Vivek is moving with right now?"

She looked at me with curiosity and asked,"Is she beautiful than me? Is she nicer than me?"

"Wtf!! what are you talking isha? What's the matter if she is beautiful or nicer than you?" I said.

"Madhav, he is seeing another girl. Her name is Vidya. He didn't even name the relationship between them. But, he is avoiding me ever since they met. Vidya is very jovial, she flirts with most of the guys but has never been in love and now, Vivek wants to be with that kind of girl."she said.

"How do u know that she flirts with most of the guys?", I asked.

"I enquired about her, she is one if my cousin's friend." she said.

"I didn't expect this from Vivek, you guys were a cute couple,  never expected such thing to happen between you and Vivek. I'm sorry dear", I said.

"Madhav, I still love him. I want him so badly. I don't mind even if he roams with Vidya. All I want is, to be with him and just him ra",she said.

*Awwww, you are so sweet Isha, how can he avoid you for another girl, damn",I thought to myself.

I consoled Isha and gave her the support she needed at that moment and left to my place.

Days passed on, and one day everyone were sitting in a coffee shop along with Isha. By that time everyone in our gang were aware of Vivek and Isha's issue. When everything is going fine, I saw Vivek entering the coffee shop. He just walked to us. As usually, we waved and some hi-five'ed' and all. May be he wanted to get things straight or I don't know, he immediately turned to Isha and said "I need to talk to u, Isha".

"Yeah, tell me. I'm listening." Isha responded."In personal" said Vivek.

"Well, I feel personal even when my friends are around." she said.

"Fine. Okay,'s...isshhh" he started murmuring.

"Yeah tell me Vivek, what's it?" she said.

"Okay, Isha I am really sorry for my behaviour towards you, I didn't give you a chance to understand things and let you go. And now, things are worse, I..... I need you back Isha. I want u so badly. I love you." he said.

I seriously don't know what's in Vivek's mind, he just said he loves Isha. This is insane man!

Isha interrupted Vivek, cleared her throat and said "I don't love you anymore" and smiled. She was crystal clear about her opinion.

But, can you tell me what made you come back to me and love me again?" Isha asked.

"Uhh, Vidya doesn't love me. Maybe she has already got someone or maybe she doesn't like me, I'm not sure of the reason but she said that I'm her best buddy and that she never had romantic feelings towards me." Vivek said in a low voice.

"Oh, so you came back to me to patch up?" Isha said.

"It's not that,'s just that, I miss you. I need you back in my life. I have done a mistake but now I realized. I don't want to miss you anymore. I promise in front of everybody that I'll never betray you again. I love you." Vivek said.

After listening to his dumb speech Isha got frustrated.

I'm done with you Vivek, I can't trust you anymore. Let's end this here" Isha said in a loud voice and started leaving.

I followed Isha to stop her. I stopped her outside the coffee shop and asked "Isha, you said you still love him, then why can't you forgive him and get back togetjer?"

"I love him, I still do. I care for him. But, I can't trust him again madhav. Where there is no trust, people can't live together", she said and left.

I understood Isha like never before. I felt happy for having her as a friend.

I went inside the shop and told Vivek that "man, things really keep haunting us, we are happy that you realised and came back for Isha. Well, forget it, let's be as usual again and hope you will get her back" and started cheering him up. TIME HEALS ALL WOUNDS.

Hey guys, it's done over there, haha !! Hope Isha and Vivek get back their lost love again. Yeah, guys please don't betray loved ones because once you betray, you will  have to face some serious consequences, which is very painful. SAVE LOVE 😍.

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